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Decisions. Problems. Choices. Opportunity. All of the above have a quality about them that they all share; that with whatever circumstance we are faced with we will reach a fork in the road. With that said, my concentration focuses on that very idea. The decisions we make, the problems we encounter and the opportunity that we hope for are all very black and white.  At many times when faced with these circumstances, we are left freefalling, in other words, undecided or unable to figure out what the correct course of action is because to determine what is right and wrong is ultimately dependent on the human.

To that end, we are still freefalling and sooner than not – everyone hits rock bottom. No matter how long the fall, the clouds we breakthrough will eventually come to an abrupt end. The sudden end may leave you in relief once all is said and done, however, we can choose to stay down because the free fall may have been an overwhelmingly daunting experience. In free fall my figures are all in a diagonal orientation, to convey motion but also to show the distinctive difference between energy and motion against the calm horizontal figure. The strong contrast between light and dark suggest that there will be two obvious answers: the positive one and the negative one. We can either put the negativity behind us or face the truth.

In free fall there is nothing to hold onto. There is nowhere to feel secure and safe. In a sense, this reflects on the idea that whenever we are faced with a situation nothing is made solid until we make a decision or in other words, hit the ground. Whether or not the situation was resolved, the outcome ended up with a choice being made and once we made it, we can either live with the burden of not making the right choice or look up and get back up on our feet, as simple as reversing the order of the concentration pieces.

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